Why ProfLab?
  • Full-time & experienced tutors. Our tutors graduated from top universities such as Nanyang Technological University (NTU) and National University of Singapore (NUS).
  • Difficult and complicated concepts are explained in a clear and easy-digestible manner.
  • Fun, interesting and engaging lessons.
  • Detailed lesson plans and continuous feedback.
  • High quality teaching notes and worksheets.
  • Nurturing students in Singapore since 2012.
An Excellent Track Record:

98% of our students showed improvements

85% of our students achieved A/B

Why choose us?

Full-Time & Experienced Tutors

We provide our students with the invaluable opportunity to learn directly from full-time and experienced tutors.

Customized Teaching Methodology

We adopt customized teaching methodologies to suit each student’s needs and learning style.

Fun, Interesting & Engaging Lessons

Are the lessons boring? Nope, our lessons are fun, interesting and engaging.

Detailed Lesson Plans and Continuous Feedback

Our tutors create detailed lesson plans and boost students’ confidence.

High Quality Teaching Notes and Worksheets

We develop our own teaching notes and worksheets based on the latest syllabus.

Subjects Available